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ACR9000 motor voltage



I have tested the ACR7000 and found we are not getting as much torque from the motor as we do with our old drivers.

Could you please confirm what voltage the ACR9000 uses to drive the motor. The ACR7000 is supplied with 24Vdc but the ACR9000 has a mains power feed and I cannot find what DC voltage is is using.


  • Hello.  I think I need more details before I can really help you.  First, do you have your ACR7000 model number?  The ACR7000 is a family of products that comes in three flavors:

    • ACR74T (integrated stepper)
    • ACR7xV (integrated servo)
    • ACR7xC (controller only -- closest to the ACR9000)

    It is important to note that the ACR9000 and ACR7xC are not able to power motors on their own.  They must be used with external servo or stepper drives.  Assuming that the ACR7xC with an external servo drive is what you are using, what servo drive is that?  Is it the same one you used with the ACR9000?

    The ACR7xC and ACR9000 both use a ±10 VDC torque command signal to external servo drives -- there has been no change to that.  The 7000 and 9000 should be able to extract equal torque from the motor.  If they are not, this might just be a tuning or setup issue.

    Let me know which variant of the ACR7000 you have as well as your servo drive and I think we can go from there.