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Transfer parameters

I need a copied parameters at one drive and transfer for other, but i select the install command the system apresents a error message that say " Network connections are not supported in DSElite, use the DSE"  I need a install the DSE complete version or have a other solution for realize this process? I don't find the link to Dse Complete version Download, someone can help me a find?

The model of the drive is a AC890

  • Good morning.  It sounds like you probably have an 890 FireWire or LINKnet system.  This means that your 890 drives have FireWire cards (8903/FA/00/00) or LINKnet (8903/LN/83/00) cards installed and they are being used for drive-to-drive communication.  In systems like this, you cannot install a drive using DSE Lite.  Instead, you need to use DSE890, which requires a paid license.  You will also need a copy of the original project file for the machine.

    Your local Parker sales channel can get you a license for DSE890.  However, you will need to get the project file from your machine builder.  Another option might be to have the machine builder come on site and perform the installation for you.  Some machine builders will also offer their customers the option to buy a "programming laptop" that has the software and project data preinstalled.

    If you need to get in touch with a sales channel in North America, please email