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Excavator Bucket Rotator not Holding Position


Excavator bucket rotator not holding position.

I’m very new to hydraulics, so please excuse my ignorance.

I installed a bucket “rotator” on my excavator. The rotator allows the bucket to rotate a continuous 360 degrees either direction left or right. Two hydraulic hoses feed the hydraulic bi-directionally motor.

When I turn the buck to the desired position and then start the dig, the bucket does not hold position. It rotates back, taking the path of lease resistance. So I guess I can say; the hydraulics bleed of (not sure if that is the correct terminology)

What can I add to keep the bucket in my desired position. Do I need a check valve on one or both lines (if so, what is the correct name for the check valve, or do I need a different proportional valve or is it something else.

Thank you to everyone who helps