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  • Elevating Flight With Decades-Strong Aerial Refueling Solutions- Aerial Refueling - Parker AerospaceWith an increased focus on strengthening United States military capabilities for the 21st century, Parker Aerospace takes pride in having a long history supporting the country’s defense endeavors around the world with flight-critical components. One of Parker’s most essential product lines for military aircraft is its aerial refueling equipment.  

    In-flight refueling couplers, nozzles, receptacles, and test kits from Parker Aerospace’s Fluid Systems Division represent today’s leading edge in design, performance, and durability. 

    Elevating Flight With Decades-Strong Aerial Refueling Solutions - Receptacle Stacks - Parker AerospaceThe division produces two standard systems for aerial refueling: 

      • Boom nozzle and receptacle system

      • Probe-and-drogue system

    The boom nozzle and receptacle are the interface traditionally adapted for Air Force applications including strike aircraft, tankers and transports, while the probe-and-drogue are traditionally adapted for Navy/Marine strike aircraft and military trainers.


    Staying on target non-stop

    Elevating Flight with Decades Strong Aerial Refueling SolutionsAerial refueling is the process by which an aircraft is loaded with fuel mid-air while still in flight. The crucial operation allows military craft to fly prolonged maneuvers and reconnaissance missions. In some cases, our inflight refueling equipment has been incorporated into platforms derived from commercial aircraft. One noteworthy example is the Boeing 747-200 used for Air Force One.


    Elevating Flight With Decades-Strong Aerial Refueling Solutions - C5 large transport refueling - Parker AerspaceParker’s development of in-flight refueling equipment began more than 55 years ago with Lockheed Martin’s reconnaissance aircraft, the SR71 Blackbird (1964). Parker designed the aerial refueling receptacle for this historic aircraft. After advancing early variants of a universal aerial refueling receptacle slipway installation (UARRSI) for the development of the Rockwell B-1 Lancer and the Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt, Parker’s expertise was again put to use on the refueling receptacle for another U.S. fighter jet.  In those early days of evolving aerial refueling solutions, Parker augmented its knowledge base through the strategic acquisition of Schultz Tool and Manufacturing in 1971 a company that had designed receptacles for the F-111 Aardvark, the C-5 Galaxy, and the A-7 Corsair II.  

    In 1997, Parker again advanced its air-to-air offerings and necessary ground test equipment by acquiring the aerial refueling product line from XAR Industries in California. The company had previously provided aerial refueling product designs for Lockheed Martin’s F-16, F-117, and F-22 as well as Universal Aerial Refueling Receptacle (UARRSI) variants.

    Building on the technologies and applications from Parker, Shultz and XAR, our teams developed a unique receptacle and slipway assembly for the B-2 program. Since this time, Parker has subsequently designed multiple derivatives of the UARRSI and application-specific receptacles for several programs including the F-22 and F-35 programs.


    Utah Air National Guard members from the 191st Air Refueling Squadron execute an air refueling mission from a KC-135 Stratotanker. A B-2 Spirit from the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman AFB, Missouri participated during this training mission. Video by Staff Sgt. Erin Mills.


    The multi-purpose UARRSI convenience and adaptability

    Elevating Flight With Decades-Strong Aerial Refueling Solutions - universal aerial refueling receptacle - Parker AerospaceIn 1976, Parker introduced an improved universal aerial refueling receptacle slipway installation (UARRSI) which has proven to be Parker’s most versatile piece of aerial refueling equipment. UARRSI adapts to aircraft that require a nozzle and receptacle-type apparatus. The unit features a lighted slipway and voice command functionality to facilitate the fuel transferring process. UARRSIs are used on military aircraft including the Boeing C-17, McDonnell Douglas KC-10, the Airbus A330 MRTT, and the Boeing GTTA, P-8A, and the 737 AEW&C E-7 Wedgetail. 

    Testing equipment within critical industry standards

    Elevating Flight With Decades-Strong Aerial Refueling Solutions - Aerial refueling testers - Parker AerospaceParker’s aerial refueling ground test kits are used to evaluate at the aircraft or component levels, along with the voice inter-communication capability. This testing function allows engineers to assess specific status modes (connect and disconnect), as well as alignment and engagement states of the equipment. Parker’s product line conforms to original equipment manufacturing (OEM) specifications, U.S. military standards, and additional requirements developed by the Aerial Refueling Systems Advisory Group (ARSAG) and other like agencies. 


    Supporting the next generation of aerial refueling

    Elevating Flight With Decades-Strong Aerial Refueling Solutions - next gen aerial refueling - Parker AerospaceThe future of in-flight refueling technology is now taking off in innovative directions, with a renewed emphasis on safety and efficiency. Aerial refueling for helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is also an active field of development. As the technology evolves, customers may see updated offerings from Parker based on our extensive pedigree, and our always-advancing capabilities. 


    To learn more about the capabilities of Parker's Fluid Systems Division, please visit our website

    This blog was contributed by the engineering team from the Fluid Systems Division of Parker Aerospace.


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    With an increased focus on strengthening United States military capabilities for the 21st century, Parker Aerospace takes...

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  • What Everybody Ought To Know About ParkerStore - ParkerStore Exterior - ParkerStoreA ParkerStore is many things to many people. To put it simply, it’s your go-to local source for system solutions, complete hydraulic services and expert advice on a wide range of quality Parker components and applications.

    Right around the corner and all around the world, over 3,700 independently owned Industrial Retail™ locations are ready to help you. Your local store's knowledgeable staff has one goal: to improve your productivity and profitability by providing everything you need for your motion and control related applications in one place. 

    Our retail experience

    You will find your local ParkerStore is designed with retail aisles, making it easy to find and select products. Products are stocked in easy-to-access bins, so you can readily pick them up and compare them. Related products are grouped together, and market-specific or seasonal products are highlighted to make them easy to identify and evaluate. Fabrication workshops, most visible, allow you to watch your custom hose and/or tube being cut, crimped, cleaned and assembled. And, while you're waiting, enjoy a beverage and/or snacks at the hospitality station.


    What Everybody Ought to Know About ParkerStore - Fittings - ParkerStoreYour local ParkerStore provides a complete line of Parker hydraulic and pneumatic inventory including hydraulic hose, hydraulic fittings, air hose, chemical hose, water hose, tube fittings, stainless fittings, brass fittings, metric fittings, thermoplastic tubing, thermoplastic couplings, hydraulic filters, air filter regulator and lubricator products and more. Hose assemblies are custom made to your exact specifications and can be made quickly when you’re experiencing system and labor downtime.


    Beyond reliable products; each location is operated by a distributor with a commitment to your local area. Knowledgeable associates can answer all your questions, provide tailored advice and 24-hour field services. Services include, but are not limited to:

    What Everybody Ought to Know About ParkerStore - HD Van- ParkerStoreParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR®

    Some locations offer the ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR service. A technician will come to you for onsite maintenance or emergency services. Each vehicle is equipped with the Parker components and tools needed to provide a hose replacement, troubleshoot a system issue and even perform preventative maintenance. Find out more.

    Fluid Analysis and Condition Monitoring Services

    Dedicated to the overall health of your fluid systems, your local ParkerStore offers innovative services that cover system diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive needs. These comprehensive services will improve operational efficiency, productivity, and reliability. Read more about how an ounce of prevention could save you thousands.

    Parker Tracking System (PTS) What Everybody Out to Know About ParkerStore - PTS Hose - ParkerStore

    Designed to ensure efficient and accurate repairs, your local ParkerStore offers you PTS.  A Web-based application, PTS generates a unique identification code for each hose assembly which is printed on a durable barcode or RFID label. Fast and accurate product identification speeds up replacement regardless of where the original assembly was made.  The hose assembly can be replaced with only the PTS ID number, eliminating the need to remove hoses prior to replacement - this can provide critical machine uptime and enable a more conveniently scheduled repair. 

    ParkerStore Rental Program

    Through the ParkerStore Rental Program, you can utilize specialty tools and equipment without having to buy them. It’s perfect for those tools or equipment you only use occasionally, can’t afford to purchase right away or just want to try before you make a significant investment. 

    Rental equipment includes (varies by ParkerStore):

    • Hydraulic hose crimpers

    • Tube fabrication equipment (benders, cut-off saws, tube flanging & flaring machines

    • Filtration equipment

    • Diagnostic equipment

    Designed to make renting equipment easy; a ParkerStore representative will help you identify the best equipment for your job and provide the training necessary to use it.

    Loyalty program What Everybody Ought to Know About ParkerStore - RewardsPlus - ParkerStore

    And if all that wasn’t enough, you can get rewarded for visiting/shopping with the Rewards Plus loyalty program, available at participating ParkerStores across the United States. It’s easy to get started, plus it’s simple: no purchase necessary, the more you visit, the more punches you get, the more rewards available.  Visit your local ParkerStore and ask to join their Rewards Plus Loyalty program today.


    Want to learn more? Check out the video below, visit or use our locator to find your nearest ParkerStore.


    Blog logoPost contributed by: MRO Authority - ParkerStore Team, Parker Hannifin






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  • 4 Reason to Replace Your OEM Filter with BHA TotalPleat - Replace Your Donaldson PowerCore CP Filter Pack with BHA TotalPleat - Parker HannifinWith today's demands of increased industrial production and tighter emission controls, dust collectors can be pushed beyond their design limits. If they fail to keep up, production and profitability suffer.

    Pleated filters and cartridges pack a lot of filtration surface into a small space. This results in narrow gas passages that get clogged by sticky dust. Optimizing pleat geometry to balance filtration area, gas velocities, and dust release is key to the Advanced Airflow Technology that keeps airflow passages free of dust accumulation in the new BHA® TotalPleat™ filters. Dust doesn’t get trapped! 


    It's in the design

    Parker Hannifin engineers applied extensive computational fluid dynamics modeling during the research and design of TotalPleat™ to analyze the effects of the cleaning pulse as it strikes the filter’s top face. The cleaning pulse of the collector strikes the back half of the filter at an angle and typically is intended to flow unaided toward the front half. For more cleaning power, BHA® TotalPleat™ is designed with an inclined, louvered grid that deflects a portion of the cleaning pulse toward the front of the filter to evenly distribute it across the entire filter.

    The Parker Hannifin BHA® TotalPleat™ aftermarket replacement filter is a cost-effective alternative to the PowerCore® filter pack for the Donaldson PowerCore® CP dust collector. Parker Hannifin’s proprietary MERV 15 TotalPleat™ filter provides significant advantages over the PowerCore® design; specifically, customers report longer filter life.


    BHA® TotalPleat™ delivers long filter life. Learn for yourself with our handy infographic or download the white paper and Learn more about the engineering behind BHA TotalPleat


    4 Reasons to Replace Your OEM Filter with BHA Total Pleat - full infographic - Parker IGFG Division



    TotalPleat™ was specifically developed to fit Donaldson PowerCore® CP dust collectors, part numbers P032358-016-340 and P280356-016-340. This new filter features an innovative design that minimizes pressure drop, provides meaningful energy savings and results in extended useful filter life.


    This blog was contributed the Filtration Team, Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division.


    Powercore® is a registered trademark of Donaldson Company, Inc.


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    Industrial Manufacturing Equipment Solutions

    Choosing the Best Dust Collector for Air Quality Control in Manufacturing


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    4 Reasons to Replace Your OEM Filter with BHA TotalPleat

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  • PowerGrip Helps to Restore Fragile Trout Stream Habitat in Wisconsin excavator Cylinder DivisionNearly every equipment operator has found themselves operating in muddy, mucky conditions whether working on ditches, drainage fields, ponds or other waterlogged environments. Experienced operators know how these harsh conditions can cause wear and tear on their excavator's attachments, shortening the life of their equipment and resulting in costly downtime. For the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (Wisconsin DNR), PowerGrip is just the tool to overcome these job site obstacles. PowerGrip, a versatile, durable multi-purpose bucket with enclosed rotary actuator hinge technology, consistently delivers outstanding performance without suffering the downtime and maintenance issues experienced with cylinder-style buckets.

    A safer, reliable and durable alternative

    Bill Ryan, operations team supervisor at the Wisconsin DNR, has witnessed the durability and reliability of PowerGrip in the field. His skilled team restores miles of fragile trout stream habitat in Wisconsin, which involves bringing back the natural features of the stream that is critical to trout viability such as riffles, pools, meanders and woody debris. The habitat around the stream also must be restored often requiring difficult bank sloping and vegetation removal and replacement. Over a year ago, Wisconsin DNR replaced a cylinder-style jaw bucket on their CAT 320C with a PowerGrip to alleviate the service and maintenance issues they were previously having with the cylinder-style jaw bucket. They also found PowerGrip to be a safer solution as there are fewer external moving parts that they need to contend with, resulting in greater productivity.

    "We replaced our cylinder-style jaw bucket with a PowerGrip and couldn’t be happier. Due to the enclosed actuator hinge mechanism, we haven’t had to do anything with it, except complete the tasks on hand. PowerGrip has proved to be safer, more reliable and is extremely durable,”

    Bill Ryan, operations team supervisor

    An innovative operation design solution

    PowerGrip Helps to Restore Fragile Trout Stream Habitat in Wisconsin PowerGrip CYLThe harsh conditions in and around the stream often wreak havoc on heavy equipment and attachments. PowerGrip is equipped with a durable, enclosed rotary actuator hinge that’s ideally suited for working in muddy, mucky conditions. With the rotary actuator hinge technology offering 120 degrees of jaw movement, there are no exposed cylinders and rods in the bucket shell or clam that can become polluted with debris, leading to attachment malfunctions. The rotating movement is generated by the massive rotating pivot point between the jaw and back of bucket with Parker’s Helac sliding spline operating technology, which converts linear piston motion into powerful shaft rotation. The end caps, seals and bearings work in unison to keep debris and contaminants out of the inner workings of the actuator, prolonging life and reducing required maintenance. High strength, abrasion resistant steel is used throughout for added durability. In over a year, Wisconsin DNR hasn’t had to do any maintenance to PowerGrip, allowing them to get more work done in less time.

    A versatile tool for multiple tasks

    When dealing with the various obstacles inherent in restoring a trout stream, sloping a ditch or building a retention pond, it is imperative to have an adaptable multi-purpose tool that can change jobs on the fly. PowerGrip has been engineered with the flexibility to function as a trenching, grading or clamshell bucket and for gripping and loading. The inherent flexibility of our actuators allows the Wisconsin DNR to keep PowerGrip on their machine 80 to 85 percent of the time, year-round. PowerGrip’s versatility allows operators to accomplish a wide variety of tasks without having to change machines or attachments. When selecting the PowerGrip, the Wisconsin DNR went with the PG-08 product model that’s available for 20-ton machines. PowerGrip buckets are available in three sizes with bucket width ranges from 24 to 48 inches in the trenching profiles and 48 or 60 inches in ditching profiles.

    Time is precious 

    Whether you are doing demolition work, road construction, pond building, site-preparation or restoring miles of trout stream; every second counts. Maximizing productivity can prove to be much more than an organizational objective towards profitability, in the case of restoring a fraye trout stream ecosystem - it can prove to be the difference between survival and extinction. PowerGrip increases the tasks a single machine can perform, reducing the number of dedicated-task machines needed on a job site. PowerGrip can do everything a thumb can do, and more.  And it’s ready-to-use, pin-on attachment that’s easier to install and operate.  There’s no welding, fabrication or in-field measurement needed to install or remove the attachment, saving you valuable time and money. 

    Learn more about PowerGrip and the wide range of models for excavators and backhoes up to 45,000 pounds by visiting 

    PowerGrip Helps to Restore Fragile Trout Stream Habitat in Wisconsin- Jessica Howisey - Parker Cylinder DivisionPowerGrip Helps to Restore Fragile Trout Stream Habitat in Wisconsin - Dan Morgado - Parker Cylinder DivisionThis article was contributed by Jessica Howisey, marketing communications manager and Daniel Morgado, applications engineer, Helac Business Unit, Cylinder Division.





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    PowerGrip Helps to Restore Fragile Trout Stream Habitat in Wisconsin

    Nearly every equipment operator has found themselves operating in muddy, mucky conditions whether working on ditches, drainage...

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