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Hydraulic Powerpacks Offer Size and Weight Advantages for Aircraft OEMs

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Electric Motor-Driven Hydraulic Powerpacks for Military Applications - Hydraulic Powerpack - Parker Aerospace Hydraulic Systems DivisionAs today’s aviation designers strive for greater aircraft fuel, weight, and space efficiencies, scalable hydraulic powerpacks are taking center stage as innovative and highly reliable solutions that can deliver those desirables and more. 

Hydraulic powerpacks defined

Working as line-replaceable units (LRU), hydraulic powerpacks from the Parker Aerospace Hydraulic Systems Division (HSD) are pre-integrated, compact, and modular products that serve as sources of localized hydraulic power. In military applications they have been used to power flight controls in the tail, as well as to actuate landing gear and cargo doors, removing the need for extensive hydraulic distribution lines and thereby improving aircraft survivability.

Electric motor-driven hydraulic powerpacks fully integrate the hydraulic pump, filters, reservoir, switches, transducers, and ground support couplings, are multi-functional, delivering:

  • On-demand power generation
  • Fluid storage and conditioning
  • Thermal management
  • Flow and pressure control 
  • Health monitoring
  • On-board ground maintenance capability

More options for more electric aircraft

Hydraulic powerpacks offer a powerful advantage for today’s more-electric aircraft (MEA).

“While traditional hydraulic systems rely on engine-driven pumps to supply the pressure needed to distribute hydraulic power throughout an aircraft, our hydraulic powerpacks use highly efficient electric motors to drive the integrated hydraulic pump and provide hydraulic power on-demand. This makes our powerpacks especially well-suited for MEA, which rely on electric power to operate such non-propulsion systems as lubrication, flight control, fuel, thermal management, and more.” 

“As today’s aircraft OEMs collaborate with their suppliers to design and implement the new electrical-intensive architectures key to unlocking efficiency improvements, we believe that our hydraulic powerpacks will play an increasingly important role in achieving the lower aircraft weight, better fuel consumption, reduced total life cycle costs, and enhanced maintainability and reliability for which aircraft OEMs are looking.”

— Dr. Rick Klop, engineering manager, research and development, Parker Aerospace Hydraulic Systems Division

Hydraulic Powerpacks Offer Size and Weight Advantages for Aircraft OEMs - Scalable Powerpack Solutions - Parker Aerospace Hydraulic Systems Division
  Hydraulic powerpack advantages

When fully utilized, these power-on-demand, compact devices can: 

  • Reduce aircraft weight, due to the small package size and integrated components optimized for weight.
  • Lessen fuel consumption, due to “power-on-demand” MEA architectures.
  • Lower procurement costs with a single part number instead of dozens.
  • Speed up OEM final assembly line installation with compact line replaceable units (LRUs) that eliminate hydraulic lines.
  • Decrease maintenance, due to the elimination of dynamic seals, and reduction of hoses and tube connections for fewer leak points, and the need for LRUs.
  • Support manufacturers’ ramp rates – “plug-and-play” convenience. 
  • Isolate and lower aircraft noise and vibration. 
  • Facilitate the use of localized hydraulic power in space-constrained zones.
  • Increase adaptability, since performance adjustments can be made via motor controller software changes.

Plus, hydraulic powerpacks provide flexibility in system architectures, avoiding common mode failures and adding protection for zonal hazards such as rotor burst or tire rupture.

Why choose Parker HSD for hydraulic powerpacks

Since 1993, 80 percent of the world’s major aerospace hydraulic systems have been awarded to Parker Aerospace. In fact, Parker has designed, developed, and qualified more hydraulic systems and subsystems than any other provider, supporting such aircraft as the:

  • Airbus A220 and A350 XWB
  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner
  • Bombardier Q400, CRJ700/900, Challenger 350, and all Global platforms
  • COMAC ARJ21 and C919
  • Dassault Falcon 7X and 8X
  • Embraer E-Jets and Praetor 500/600
  • Sukhoi Superjet 100

Electric Motor-Driven Hydraulic Powerpacks for Military Applications - Hydraulic Powerpack Rendering - Parker Aerospace Hydraulic Systems DivisionKnown for our ability to provide fully integrated, turnkey systems, our advanced subsystem capabilities are well recognized. Our hydraulic power-generation products have hundreds of applications in commercial and military aerospace markets as well as those in marine and defense. From electrohydraulic power modules and electric motor-driven hydraulic pumps to our integrated hydraulic powerpacks, our enhanced capabilities of in-house electric motor design/manufacturing and power/drive electronics allow us to be more responsive to the marketplace, assuring the most optimized solution for each application. From design and development through integration, manufacture, certification, and lifetime support, we work hard to engineer your success, contributing innovative thinking and significant process improvements – as illustrated by our hydraulic powerpacks. 

Are hydraulic powerpacks right for you?

Are hydraulic powerpacks right for your application? Parker HSD conducts extensive trade studies to answer that question. Our focus is to always provide the best solution for you. We have developed a commercial hydraulic powerpack solution that is scalable for use across many aircraft types, as well as numerous zones within each type. And we are committed to the application of forward-looking technologies and manufacturing methods for our powerpack development. 

To learn more about our hydraulic powerpacks, please contact Rick Klop, engineering manager, research & development, Parker Aerospace, Hydraulic Systems Division, at or (269) 384-3724.

For additional information on Parker HSD’s capabilities, download our brochure


Attending the 2019 Paris Air Show?

Hydraulic Powerpacks Offer Size and Weight Advantages for Aircraft OEMs - Paris Air Show Logo - Parker AerospaceThe Paris Air Show is the largest and longest-running aerospace trade show in the world, bringing together all the players in this global industry around the latest technological innovations. 

Visit Parker Aerospace in Hall 5, stand C210 to learn about our mastery of flight control, hydraulic, fuel, inerting, fluid conveyance, thermal management, pneumatic, and lubrication systems and components.


Evan Anderson, engineer, research & development, Parker Aerospace Hydraulic Systems DivisionThis post was contributed by Evan Anderson, engineer, research & development, Parker Aerospace Hydraulic Systems Division.






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