Posted by Climate Control Team on 16 Sep 2020

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 Parker Sporlan’s ZoomLock MAX press-to-connect refrigerant fittings, designed for the air conditioning and refrigeration markets, allows HVACR contractors to make secure leak-free connections in seconds. That equates to less time on the job and more profit for your business.

ZoomLock MAX provides a clean, leakproof connection for refrigerant lines up to 700 psi. By eliminating concerns about gas and flames, ZoomLock MAX gives you more flexibility in where and when you can work, plus there is no need to nitrogen-purge the lines. This post is the first of three blogs answering your top FAQs on the product.



ZoomLock MAX fittings are designed for the following applications:

  • Refrigeration

  • Air Conditioning

  • Heat Pump (Refrigeration Side)


Dowlnlaod FAQ on ZoomLock MaxDownload the full list of FAQs in this handy guide and learn more about ZoomLock MAX.


Q: My jaws sometimes get stuck on the fitting after crimping. What can I do to make it easier to remove the jaws?

A: Applying a thin coating of WD-40 or similar lubricant to the jaw before starting a job should help.


Q: Why is it significant that ZoomLock MAX is “UL Listed”?

A: UL Listed provides approval by UL for field and factory installation. UL Recognized products limit products to being factory installed only.

  Q: What is the #1 suggestion to ensure safety?

A: Follow all our steps on prep and installation.

  Q: What is the #1 cause of leaky fittings?

A: Possibly, skipping the prep and installation steps causes the tube to leak.

  Q: What is a “deep” scratch, and how do you clean this?

A: Your fingernail can feel a deep scratch. Try using a new piece of Scotch-Brite abrasive pad. Alternatively, use a 340 grit sandpaper/cloth.

  Q: Can you show an example of a “good” copper tube surface after sanding?

  Q: How do I know the correct insertion depth when pushing the ZoomLock MAX fitting onto the copper tube?

A: Use the depth gauge provided or the Minimum Insertion Depth chart below (Table 1) to determine the correct insertion depth. Mark the tubing with a permanent marker to indicate proper insertion depth on every tube.

   Q: Do you have a solution for crimping onto swaged tubing like that coming out of the condenser and evaporator on residential units?

A: No, we do not have a specific product designed to crimp over the swaged tubing. However, if there are at least 2 inches of straight copper tubing after the flared end and is accessible with the jaws, you may cut the flared end off and crimp directly to the tube. 

Q: What is the minimum braze distance from the ZoomLock MAX fitting?

A: See Table 2.

  Q: What is the minimum distance between ZoomLock MAX fittings?

A: See Table 3.


Solutions for HVACR technicians and contractors

ZoomLock MAX press-to-connect flame-free refrigerant fittings are popular with HVACR contractors and technicians who are looking for more flexibility, safety, and efficiency. The biggest benefit of that improved efficiency is more productivity and increased profit potential for you!

Zoomlock max FAQ coversheet - Sporlan Division Parker HannifinVisit the ZoomLock MAX website to learn more, get engineering support, locate a distributor near you, and get started today!








 Article contributed by Chris Reeves, product manager, Contaminant Control Products, Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin. For more information on Parker Sporlan products please visit our website.






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