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ZoomLock MAX Press-to-Connect Refrigerant Fittings FAQs-Part 3ZoomLock MAX press-to-connect flame-free refrigerant fittings help to improve productivity for HVACR contractors and technicians on the job. Having the ZoomLock MAX complete system equipped with all the sizes and configurations you will need simply saves time and improves safety and efficiency.

This post is the last blog in our series providing answers to the top FAQs on ZoomLock MAX. The Q & As cover refrigerants and oils, and installation technicalities for fittings, leaks, sealing, temperature, and system compatibility. 



ZoomLock MAX fittings are designed for the following applications:

  • Refrigeration

  • Air Conditioning

  • Heat Pump (Refrigeration Side)


 Download the full list of FAQs in this handy guide and learn more about ZoomLock MAX.


  Q: What approved refrigerants are for use with ZoomLock MAX?

A: ZoomLock MAX is approved for use with R-32, R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-407F, R-410A, R-507, R1234ze, R1234yf, R-718, R-450A, R-513A, R-448A, R-449A, R-407A, R-427A, R-438A, R-417A and R-422D. 

Q: What approved oils are for use with ZoomLock MAX?

A: Use ZoomLock MAX for approved POE, PAO, PVE, AB, and mineral oils. The O-ring has been tested successfully with PAG oil; however, you should not use PAG oil with copper systems due to the potential for corrosion of the copper material.

Q: If ZoomLock MAX leaks on installation, can you braze the fitting rather than cutting out the joint and having to replace the missing tube?

A: No, if a pressed fitting is leaking, the fitting must be cut out and replaced. You should not attempt to braze the fitting as you may melt the O-ring material and thus introduce contaminants into the system that could cause other system issues.

Q: Is there a concern about ice building up and then thawing under the fitting in a horizontal or vertical configuration?

A: No, ZoomLock MAX has been thoroughly freeze/thaw tested.

Q: Are there any concerns with corrosion where installations are made in coastal areas or with cleaning agents?

A: No, ZoomLock MAX has been Acid Salt Spray tested to ASTM G85. As with all copper installations, avoid exposure to ammonia.

Q: Does the O-ring compensate for imperfections in the tube to make a tight seal?

A: Yes, the O-ring does compensate for small/minor scratches on the surface of the tube. However, avoid imperfections adjacent to the crimp area such as scratches, incise marks, and tubing that is not round. Reference copper piping standard for roundness.

Q: Product specifications state that the application temperature limits are -40 F to 300 F, what happens if we go beyond that limit?

A: If you use ZoomLock MAX in an application that the fitting goes beyond the specified limits of the O-ring, then there is an increased likelihood that a leak can occur due to the compromised O-ring.

Q: How clean are ZoomLock MAX fittings?

A: ZoomLock MAX fittings comply with the cleanliness standards as required in the Copper Tube Standards EN 12735-1 and ASTM-B280. Keep the zip closure bag sealed to protect fittings from contamination.

Q: How do the fittings cope with vibration from the system?

A: Vibration is a recognized cause of leaks, design the system, and install to comply with all local standards and codes of practice, which aim to minimize vibration. Extensively tested ZoomLock MAX fittings ensure the joint doesn’t leak as a result of system vibration and complies with the following standards:

  • ISO 14903, Temperature Pressure Cycling and Vibration Test

  • UL 109 - 8, Vibration Test

  • UL 207, Fatigue Shock Test

Q: Will the O-ring be damaged if acid develops in the refrigeration system?

A: Good installation practice, a nitrogen purge during any brazing (not required with ZoomLock MAX mechanical fittings), a deep evacuation, and the proper installation and use of filter-driers containing new and effective molecular sieve desiccants prevent many system failures including the buildup of acid within the system. When selecting which desiccant material is best for an application, consider water capacity, refrigerant and lubricant compatibility, acid capacity, and physical strength, which are essential characteristics of desiccants.

Q: When pressed, small size fittings, mainly elbows, may allow a small amount of rotational movement at the joint. Will this affect the security of the joint?

A: No, some rotational movement is quite acceptable, the joint will not leak, nor will it come apart under the pressure loading and during system operation. Some joint movement is good and allows for expansion and contraction in the system pipework.

Q: Is ZoomLock MAX suitable for medical gas applications?

A: No, ZoomLock MAX is not suitable for medical gas applications.

Q: Can you press a fitting more than once?

A: No, only press ZoomLock MAX fittings once.

Q: Is ZoomLock MAX approved for drinking water systems?

A: No, do not use ZoomLock MAX for drinking water systems.

Q: Can ZoomLock MAX be used on heating and hot water systems?

A: No, use ZoomLock MAX for air conditioning and refrigeration applications only.

Q: I need to pull a vacuum, how deep of a vacuum can I pull?

A: Pull 200 microns for a deep vacuum.


Improved productivity equates to more profitability for your business

ZoomLock MAX technology is the next generation of the press–to–connect copper refrigeration and air conditioning fittings—and flameless connections. Now, HVACR professionals can safely make secure leak-free connections in seconds without the use of a brazing torch or press tool. Adding all that time savings allow for more scheduled jobs and greater profitability potential for your business.

 Ready to learn more? Visit the ZoomLock MAX website to download the full FAQs sheet, schedule a demo, watch it in action, get training support, locate a distributor, and get started today!








Chris Reeves, product manager, Contaminant Control Products, Parker Sporlan.Article contributed by Chris Reeves, product manager, Contaminant Control Products, Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin. For more information on Parker Sporlan products please visit our website.





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