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Adopt the Advantages of Integrated Electric Motor Kits for Your e-Mobility Solutions + Autonomous vehicle + Electric Motion & Pneumatic DivisionToday’s challenge for engineers is to continually improve the performance of electric vehicles. This is done through a process of incremental refinements that add up over time. One critical component being looked at consistently is the electric motor and the means by which power is transferred from the battery pack to the traction motor through a gear reduction to the wheels. These components are expected to offer high torque and power density along with other capabilities such as high reliability and low noise.

Using a frameless kit motor can have huge appeal for engineers working on e-mobility drivetrain programs who are often seeking greater design flexibility in ways that allow them to reduce the vehicle size and weight.

What is a GVK?

Designated as the Global Vehicle Kit (GVK) motor range, the ‘kit’ form of Parker's Global Vehicle Motors (GVM) including only the active magnetic parts of the GVM motor. With the scalable nature of the GVM product family, we can provide solutions from 3kw continuous to 225kw continuous at voltages up to 800VDC

Assembled into the vehicle sub-component by integrating only the active magnetics, and patented cooling, it can simplify mechanical, electrical and cooling interfaces. This reduces space claim, number of parts and failure modes.

Frameless kit motors guarantee the same performance as standard GVM motors and can be the ideal solution for high-volume vehicle sub-components that require high performance in small spaces.


Adopt the Advantages of Integrated Electric Motor Kits for Your e-Mobility Solutions + Global Vehicle Motor GVM + Electric Motion & Pneumatic DivisionThe frameless approach offers many advantages over traditional technologies, thanks to a more seamless mechanical and electrical adaptation to the application requirements. This can lead to a highly efficient and dynamic design. It can, for instance, offer some real benefits in terms of compact sizing, allowing integration in the same space with the gearbox. There are also weight and complexity reduction advantages that are achieved by eliminating the motor frame as well.

         Parker GVM310250 225kw continuous full motor assembly   When to use GVK?

“Kit” or frameless motors are the ideal solution to meet light weighting objectives, especially for high-volume applications. Examples include integration into drive train assemblies like transmissions, axles, for truck, bus, construction and mining vehicles. Kit motors are also great solutions for smaller autonomous vehicles used in warehouses and last-mile delivery vehicles

Light weighting is an important design process used by automotive engineers that is especially important to employ in all on-highway and off-highway hybrid and electric vehicles to increase range, performance, productivity and reliability, while reducing space and weight.

Once the OEM chooses the specific solution the more integrated nature of the design means it is easier to mount the motor, and more compact than using equivalent fully housed motors. The reduction in the number of components used means they can deliver lower overall design costs.

GVK is a flexible design solution, leveraging our proven high-power density, high efficiency magnetic and cooling designs, flexible manufacturing processes, that will reduce design risk and time to market.


Crucially, Parker works closely with customers to ensure that the right PMAC motor is selected for a specific application’s needs. This collaborative approach involves taking an informed view from the outset on how the main elements – the stator and rotor – can be seamlessly integrated into the broader vehicle platform.

This solution offers inherent advantages for the end-user, just like the GVM, that include reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions, quieter operation and a downsizing of the power system.

Overall, direct drive motion construction gives equipment designers the advantages of lower costs, increased reliability and better performing vehicle that is closely aligned to the specific needs of the greener vehicles of tomorrow.

Do you have a project in mind? Reach to our team to discuss your project feasibility and learn more about what is inside the motor.


Adopt the Advantages of Integrated electric Motor Kits for Your e-Mobility Solutions + Giulia Seri + Electric Motion & Pneumatic DivisionArticle contributed by Giulia Seri, product manager - electric motors, Electric Motion & Pneumatic Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





Adopt the Advantages of Integrated electric Motor Kits for Your e-Mobility Solutions + Eric Hendrickson + Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Divisionand by Eric Hendrickson, business development manager - vehicle electrification, Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division NA, Parker Hannifin Corporation





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