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New Motor and Generator solution supports Cleaner Vehicles of the Future + Construction Vehicles + Electromechanical and Drives Division EuropeElectrification remains one of the primary trends in the automotive sector, as vehicle makers push hard to introduce cleaner technologies which result in lower emissions.

According to a recent report from global professional services company PwC, over 55% of all new car sales could be fully electrified by 2030. Cars of the future will be electrified, autonomous, shared, connected and yearly updated, it says, in what represents a new era of flexible mobility.

This trend towards electrification isn’t restricted to the passenger car market. Construction and mining vehicles, city buses and refuse trucks have all been developed with hybrid electric powertrains, as authorities look to reduce pollution by introducing more stringent environmental regulations.

But technological progression doesn’t come overnight. The shift to electrification needs to be viewed as an evolution rather than a revolution, delivered through the continued refinement of a broad range of on-board systems and components. These incremental achievements allow the industry to manufacture greener vehicles without having to compromise in areas such as performance and reliability.

A high-power density motor for traction applications

New Motor and Generator Solution Supports Cleaner Vehicles of the Future + GVM310 + Electromechanical and Drives Division Europe

Here at Parker, our global teams of scientists and engineers are supporting these environmental efforts, designing and developing new systems that accelerate the pace of electrification. For instance, we recently extended our Global Vehicle Motor family of high-power density, permanent magnet AC motors with the GVM310, which comes with a 310mm square frame. This new product provides a traction solution for a broad range of on-road and off-road commercial electric and hybrid electric vehicles.



So, let’s look at some of the benefits that GVM310 brings to the market. Primarily, when used in conjunction with Parker’s hydraulic pumps, the GVM family helps customers realise electro-hydraulic pump solutions that allow the electrification of formerly purely hydraulic applications.

Higher performance motors for your electric or hybrid vehicles

The high efficiency / lower energy consumption of the motor helps vehicle makers comply with stringent emerging energy legislation. It reduces CO2 footprints, is extremely quiet, and its high reliability results in reduced maintenance and downtime for operators. Options with peak power values ranging from 147 kW to 409 kW are available – with high power density meaning the size and weight of overall solutions can be minimised easing design-in for customers.

In addition to operating as a high-power motor, the GVM310 can also be run as a generator enabling effective battery management, longer duty cycles and energy savings of up to 30% compared to induction technologies. Availability as low-flux versions for high-speed applications, or high-flux derivatives for high torque applications enhances versatility.

Furthermore, the GVM family incorporates a wide range of technical features that improve performance. These include a new thinner lamination design to reduce losses, a patented cooling system and a clean, oil-free design.

The introduction of the GVM310 is an example of how Parker is providing the building blocks for electrification, developing turnkey technologies that cut time to market while reducing supply chain complexity. It offers the industry with an optimized solution for the on-road and off-road commercial electric and hybrid electric vehicles of tomorrow.

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New motor and generator solution supports cleaner vehicles of the future + Bruno Jouffrey + Electromechanical & Drives Europe DivisionArticle contributed by Bruno Jouffrey, market development manager - Mobile, Electromechanical and Drives Division Europe, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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