Posted by Electromechanical Team on 29 May 2021

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Application of Compax3 Servo Driver in Rehabilitation EquipmentFor some patients with impaired physical function, rehabilitation equipment can help them to carry out appropriate exercise training, prevent muscle atrophy, improve muscle strength and upper and lower limb motor function. Parker Hannifin can provide safe, stable, and reliable precision motion control for rehabilitation equipment, help people carry out reasonable and effective rehabilitation training, and improve the quality of life.

Recently, Parker's Compax3 Servo Controller has found a new purpose in healthcare and life sciences markets where precise and safe movement is paramount. The drive's flexibility, accuracy, and comprehensive list of safety features have led to its adoption in positioning tables, exercise equipment, and therapy devices. At present, Parker's technology has played an important role in the upper and lower limb intelligent feedback training system launched by a Chinese medical equipment manufacturer.

  Finding a safe way to control movement, force and position

Guangzhou Yikang Medica Equipment Co, Ltd was developing a multi-joint and exercise system. This new medical device is suitable for the training and rehabilitation of upper and lower limb dysfunction caused by nervous system damage. It is more focused on early rehabilitation training, with passive and active training modes to help patients quickly return to a high quality of life.

The customer worked with Alan Tan, territory sales manager to review the variations in flexibility from patient to patient due to injury and age. They really required a smooth movement to avoid further risk to the patient or injury. The team also desired a way to accurately control the force and position during operation. The safety of the patient, therefore, was paramount. 

The new rehabilitation device is equipped with Parker's

The servo drive is equivalent to the human body's "nerve center", which converts the received signal into a "language" that the motor can understand and execute, so as to precisely control the position, orientation, and state of moving parts. 


Existing products find new application for delivering safe and effective motion control

compax3The Compax3 Servo drive is far from a new product. Developed by the Electromechanical and Drives Division Europe, Parker's global servo drive platform is widely used in industrial manufacturing to control motorized processes in automated assembly, including robotics and the machining of parts. Parker's customers are well-acquainted with the benefits of the drives used in packaging, the production of sheet goods, and the operation of printing presses, as well as automated testing equipment for both automotive and consumer goods.

For rehabilitation equipment, safety, stability, and reliability are of the utmost importance. Compax3 has excellent electromagnetic characteristics, low electromagnetic radiation; with leakage current protection, and outstanding protection characteristics that can provide a safety guarantee for the equipment. At the same time, it has a built-in programming function that can help users easily achieve complex and diverse personalized control requirements.

New Purpose for Compax3 Servo Drive in Rehabilitation Equipment - Rehabilitation Equipment - Parker HannifinIn rehabilitation treatment, the intensity and training mode required by different patients and the rehabilitation process are different. Compax3 has fast response speed and powerful functions. Users can not only switch quickly between active and passive training but also make real-time dynamic adjustments during training.

New Purpose for Compax3 Servo Driver in Rehabilitation Equipment - Servo Motor _ Parker HannifinDifferent flexibility settings can also be set according to needs to achieve gentle movement of muscles and joints. At the same time, in the process of position control and force control switching, there is no overshoot problem. With the smooth-running SMB motor, the equipment runs safely, reliably, and stably, with low noise, and brings users a comfortable and stable recovery experience.

  A proven product. A smart application. A new purpose.

It is not difficult to imagine that in the process of building a higher quality of life for people, such equipment has become an indispensable part. As a pioneer in the field of motion and control, Parker Hannifin has always insisted on "taking purpose as the leading", using core technologies to help industry customers solve the challenges they face, jointly guarding people's health and safety, and achieving a better tomorrow!


New Purpose for Compax3 Servo Drive in Rehabilitation Equipment - Alan Lan Territory Manager Article contributed by Alan Lan, territory sales manager, Electromechanical & Industrial Drives, Parker China, APAC, and the Electromechanical Team.







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