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Several Parker 890SD drives on common DC bus failing randomly

We have 7 Parker 890SD drives (4nos. 890SD-433145F2-B00-1A000 & 3nos. 890SD-433156F2-B00-1A000) installed in one of our machines. The DC outputs of all 7 drives are connected to common bus bar through fuse links. 5 of the 7 drives have braking resistors connected individually, other two drives don't have braking resistor from beginning.  The machine has been working fine for last 8 years. 

Around 8 months ago, one of the 7 drives flashed automatically damaging its power PCB & thyristor diode modules. DC bus link fuses were blown. We removed the faulty drive and used the machine with remaining drives (for purpose which don't require the drive which flashed). After around 3 months, we received same newly purchased drive, installed it in machine and took trial. Everything was fine. Within one week, 2 other drives flashed blowing all 6 incoming fuses and some DC link fuse  !! Display off !! (Please note that during this period machine was in idle condition).

Again somehow we managed to run the machine with remaining 5 drives (for requirements which don't need the flashed drive motors) for around 2 months until last week. This week, there was a big flash in another drive just after switching on machine's main power blowing DC link fuses. We removed this flashed drive and after switching on power, we found that the common DC bus was ~280VDC, all connected 4 drives display were also showing  DC link voltage 280V. For troubleshooting, when we disconnected all drives from common DC bus, only one drive's display switched on and its DC link voltage was 280V. Other 3 drives display didn't switch on at all, 3 phase input is available for all these 3 drives, but no display, no DC output.

We have checked the incoming power supply & motor cables. The drive panels are in well air conditioned room maintaining temperature around 26 degree C. Drive fans are also fine.

Please suggest what may be the reason behind this random disruptive flashing of such costly drives. Our machine is totally paralyzed.

Please also suggest any Parker service provider in Oman/ Middle east who can support us in repairing these faulty drives and bringing our machine back to life.

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