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890PX AC Drive, Tripping problem in AFE drive

We have 890PX AC drive 1000KW  installed for our Service Winder, the drive was installed in the year 2013. Recently we are facing problem of tripping in the AFE drive, the fault messages that appear in the CDP of the AFE drive are as follows;

1. Comms fault Code N

2. Tripped: M W system Volts 

And also in SCADA we get following messages.

1. AFE Drive Tripped in Current Balance

2. AFE Drive Tripped in System Volts.

3. AFE Drive Tripped in CS Phase Loss.

4. AFE Drive Tripped in CS Phase Temp

5.  AFE Drive Tripped in CS Bridge 


We have replaced profubus card, Line Sync card, Control board and also the PCM module.

But the problem still persists. The problem occurs 4-5 times in a day. 

Kindly help us pinpointing the cause of the problem.