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weight and power


i a little stuck on what motors, hdraulic to use.

we are designing a conveyor system inside a chamber. 12meters long, air tight and fillfed with CO2 aswel it having 30 bar of prssure inside once in operation.

my question is..whats the best way to power the conveyor when it will be loaded with products with average weight of 1.2 tonnes and total weight of 20 tonnes max. (when the chamber is filled).

struggling to find the best way to power this.i dont want to have a million motors running down the side as there just isnt space for this.

any input or ideas will help. thank and kind regards,


  • Duane.  Please email emn_support@parker,com and we can have a conversation about your applications.

    There are may factors that will go into the sizing of the application and will include

    • How precise and repeatable to do you need the system
    • some information on the conveyor rollers, like size dimensions and weight
    • How fast do you need the system to accelerate and move.

    By emailing us, we can get the conversation moving and get you in contact with our Automation Technology Centers or Distributors that can assist in ensuring the success of you application.