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One of our client has an 45KW 890 drive Frame F with Order Code: 890SD-532870E0-B00-1A000 installed in a European machine. When the power board got burned, they decided to purchase and installed new power baord by themselves, They did not consult us when their unit broke down and they sourced spare board by themselves and installed it. They just consulted us only when they have this INCOMPATIBLE STO TEST RECORD fault. The original power board is AH500820U013 but the customer was not able to find supplier for this board instead what they got was AH500820U003.  

This fault cannot be reset. We also tried to reset to factory default but same. We cannot install also the configuration because the drive do not process any command from DSE or DSELite. Can you please give us advise on how to reset the drive or resolve this fault so we could install the configuration.