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DC Drive 590+ Frame 3


I have DC drive 590+  for the slicer machine! Motor Armature 150A

I put a new Drive Max armature current 270A

And 2 times in months broken thyristor block for the dc field of motor ( F-, F+)

A checked the motor there everything is all okey!

Where is maybe problem? Parameters or something more?

Best regards,


  • That's certainly possible.  We recommend running the field in current mode to make sure that current is actively controlled through the field.  This can help eliminate current fluctuations through the field.  It also provides better protection in case your field resistance values are not quite accurate (especially as temperature changes).  Also, please make sure to never run a Field Current Loop Autotune.  Only run an Armature Current Loop Autotune when installing the drive.

    There are other possible causes:

    • Dust/moisture infiltration (particularly metallic or carbon dust).
    • Bad AC contactor.  Inspect the contacts for signs of arcing or debris build-up.
    • Lack of input impedance.  The 590+ must be run with a line reactor or isolation transformer providing at least 2% impedance.  Otherwise, you can see damage and misfiring on the armature and field thyristors.
    • Intermittent short.  You might have a short somewhere in your field cables that only occurs under certain conditions, like when it is humid in the facility.

    This is not an exhaustive list of problems that can occur on a DC drive.  If you need more direct support, I would recommend contacting a local distributor familiar with the 590+.  You can find distributors and Parker sales offices near you on the product page:

    DC Motor Speed Controller - DC590+ Series

  • Hi Dmitri,

    I have a 590+ series 2 with same problem.

    How did you solve this problem?