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Purpose and Use for Terminals T10 & T17 on a Parker 514C

I'm setting up a Parker 514C controller and need to know the purpose and typical use for terminals T10 "Positive Trim Speed Setpoint Input" and T17 "Negative Trim Speed Setpoint Input". 

  • John,

    There are 3 setpoint inputs.

    T13 is the Ramped Setpoint Input

    T10 is the Positive Trim

    T17 is the Negative or Inverted Trim

    These 3 are basically added together to create the actual setpoint input command.

    Most of the time, T13 is the main Setpoint Input and a Dancer arm is fed into either T10 or T17 based on polarity of the input and if you want that to speed up or slow down the system.

    Page 23 of the User Guide is the block diagram and illustrates the interaction of these inputs

    User Guide