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Problem using example software for ComACRServer6 with ACR74C



I am new to the Parker world and I'm having a problem using the example software that is provided on Parker's website. 

I have a new ACR74C controller and have gotten it to connect with the Parker Motion Manager application on Windows 10 but I'm having issues having it connect with the example C++ code that I downloaded from Parker's website.  I'm working with the CPPTerminal.cpp example found at the following link:

I believe it was originally developed using Visual Studio 6.0 which hasn't been supported since 2008.  Thus, I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 (64-bit).  It compiles, runs, and links to ComACRServer6ComACRServer6 but is not able to communicate with the controller.  The Connect() function in the example code returns an error which indicates that the controller is offline. 

Being new to this, I don't know what to do if the example code doesn't work.  I was expecting to use that as the baseline for the application that I need to develop but now am unable to make any progress.  Please help!