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890 VFD spd/torque demand vs hertz/amps

I'm trying to troubleshoot an 890/motor running sensorless vector. I'm new to Parker VFDs. speed demand is 100%, amps are roughly 2/3 of FLA, speed error is 13%, torque demand is 149%, VFD is sending 53hz . shouldn't the VFD increase amps and hertz to meet demand? I have skimmed the manual, performed multiple autotunes. after one autotune everything looked good. speed error<1%, 60hz... we had to make a parameter change (autotuned it again afterwards) and the issues came back. any help would be appreciated.

  • Typically Autotune should remedy these issues.  Can you send us the model of the motor you are using?

    Also are you using DSELite (or DSE890) to configure the drive, or going through the keypad?

    If you are using DSELite or DSE890, please email the configuration along with the model of the motor to