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590P-23 (220V) vs 590P-53 (500V) Armature voltage feedback difference

Hi all,

We have two 590P-23 and 590P-53 drives with LinkNET Tech Boxes installed and armature voltage speed feedback enabled.

Utilizing the same configuration, the 590P-53 works well, however, the 590P-23 outputs half the commanded armature voltage.

36V reference, measured 18V:


70V reference, measured 35V:

In the Manual, I noticed the following text:

For the 590P-23 drive and a 200V rated motor, do I have to set the NOM MOTOR VOLTS parameter to 400V and divide ARM VOLTS FBK by two to get the real armature voltage?


  • Mario,

    Yes the 590P-53 is set up for operations with the 3-phase power of 220-500V so Nom Motor Volts is the Armature Voltage.

    The 590P-230 is set up for 110-220V so you will need to set Double the Armature Voltage into the Nom Motor Volts parameter

    And yes the Arm Volts Fbk is scaled bu Nom Motor Volts so you will need to divide by 2.