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590p-53318031-p00-u4v0, reversing motor direction

Hello guys,

I apologize for asking question here and not in Electromechanical Industrial Support section, but somehow I get "Access denied" trying to ask there. It seems I miss some permissions?

Anyway, a client is commissioning the system with Parker DC 590p. He wishes to control the motor direction using PLC, but as it appears his PLC  has only unipolar analog output (0-5VDC). So he can not send negative reference to DC590p in order to reverse direction.

Is there a simple way to do it? (Configuring a digital input to reverse direction perhaps?)

Could you please advise? Is it possible to reverse direction at all when only unipolar voltage signal is available?

Best regards,

  • Yes.  The 590+ is very configurable.

    Something like this would be best to configure with the DSE Lite software.

    The default configuration has Analog Input 1 be the main speed reference. Ther is a Setpoint Sum 1 block that it actually feeds into prior to being fed into the Speed Loop.  The Setpoint Sum 1 block has an input labeled Sign 1.  This is a boolean value where you could connect a digital input that will change the resulting sign of that value which in turn will control the direction.  This is also where you could change the multiplier to scale your 0-5V to effectively be 0-10V so that you have full speed range.