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AC10 11Kw on Shredder

Hello everyone,

I have a shredder with 2x 4Kw Siemens motors and gearboxes that makes 6100Nm of torque for each axle with those motors.

I received the shredder 3 days ago and installed it yesterday, but it does not perform as expected.

Ive tried to shred a car tire, and it does not do that.

So i guess there is something wrong with the settings on AC10 unit.

F801 is at 8 and F803 is set at 16.4

At this moment i have both motors hooked up to the VFD because im still waiting for a second AC10 to arrive.

Could this be the problem?

My knowledge is very limited on the VFD so all help is welcome !

Thanks in advance !

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