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Change SPD16 to corresponding drive.

Hi everyone,

My company plans to replace SPD16. I know SPD16 is no longer in production so I have research on compax3 and psd.

But both devices do not respond to feedback resolver, encoder in and encoder out. I am most interested in the need to have an encoder out to output to other devices running spd.

I have attached drawings. 

Hope everybody help please !

  • I want to double check how the SPD is being controlled.  I see 4 digital inputs but no analog inputs.  Is the SPD programmed to react to the digital inputs?  Or is there also a fieldbus connection?

    Both the Compax3 and the PSD have feedback resolver input.  They also have an Auxiliary Encoder input for following or gearing or an encoder output but not both at the same time.  

    The SPD is a servo drive from our European division that we did not carry here in North America.  

    I will need to ping them to see if they have a solution.

  • To replace the SPD, our European division still carries the HID16SS.

    It has resolver --> sub9 connector (like SPD16)
    and an encoder in --> sub9 rs422 connector (like SPD16)
    and an encoder out --> sub9 rs422 connector (like SPD16)

    If you are in Europe, you will be able to order the HID from your Parker Sales Company.

    If you are in North America, you will need to go through one of our Authorized Parker Electronic Motion and Controls distributors.  This is not a product that we carry in North America, but you can ask the distributor to put in a custom product request for the HID.