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AC890 Series Unable to reverse direction


I have several AC890CD drives connected in a common bus with a AC890CS. I am trying to change the rotation direction of one of the drives using the 890 LIte software. I am able to extract the configuration out of the drive, and i am able to go online with each drive also. I am using DSE Lite V3.11 and template V3.2, i have tried changing the remote reverse bit on the start/stop logic sequence when i am online, but the direction does not change. I have made sure the drive is not enabled or running when i make these changes, but still no direction change, after each attempt i even power cycle the drive. Still no change of direction on motor rotation. I do have an encoder installed and the drive is configured using closed loop VEC.

I have tried moving the original lick used to change the state of the RUN Forward bit using bit X15-02, by moving the connection to the RUN REVERSE on the START/STOP sequencing and installing the configuration to the drive when offline. Still no change of direction, i can then extract the configuration file out of the drive using USB connection and the links to the START/STOP sequence logic are still setup for reverse run.

I am unsure if i am missing something or doing something wrong when making these changes or do i need to change a couple of things at the same time to get the drive direction change to work.

My last option which i have not yet tried is to swap two of the phases around to change direction but with an encoder fitted i am not sure if i will have to invert the encoder bit

I am looking for guidance and would appreciate any help given.

Many Thanks