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ComACRServer6 installation and configuration

I am trying to update a program written in VB6 to use with the new PMM & ComACRServer6.  PMM installs and works fine.  There is no installation file for ComACRServer6, just a zip file.  I tried unzipping it in the same directory as PMM, just like I did with the older ComACRServer and ACRView.  Does not seem to work.  I consulted the user manual and it is not updated and frankly, not very well written - never mentions PMM and often refers to ComACRServer rather than ComACRServer6.  There are no installation instructions, nothing about any dependencies or configuration, and it just glosses over how to actually use it with a VB6 program.

When I try to compile my VB6 code I get an error pointing to the line: stat AS ComACRServerLib.IStatus

The error says "User Defined type not defined".  When I check the event log it says there is a SideBySide  error, which implies that something is not installed or not installed correctly.  The error mentions a Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC90.MFC that could not be found.

But, there is no mention of any dependencies for ComACRServer6 in the user manual.  I ran SFC /scannow, but it did not fix the problem. Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 is installed. 

Does anyone know what is missing, why it is missing, and most importantly, how do I fix this error?

Thank you

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