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Word (Other than Comms control word, comms reference word) transfer between S7-300 & AC30 over profibus

I need to send a Word (other than comms control word & comms reference word) from my S7-300 PLC to AC30 drive over profibus & then use it bit by bit in PDQ. Which parameter should I select in Read mapping? Similarly, I need to convert a set of bits to Word in PDQ and then send it to the PLC. Which parameter should be linked to write mapping.

  • Hi Ravi,

    please see on your local system the PDQ manual folder:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Ltd\PDQ\3S CoDeSys\QuickTool\AppManuals

    Manual HA503559_0B.PDF on page 51.. shows how to add a custom parameter.

    1st: Go to Tools -->  Drive Customization --> Edit --> New Soft Parameter

    2nd: Put in your custom parameter with name, value type …  in the EditParameterCW

    3rd: Create a global variable value and map it (Browse) in the EditParameterCW

    4th: Connect your new values to the WORD_AS_BIT, BIT_AS_WORD conversion functions