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Parker 690 drive (18.5 kW) gives over current fault in closed loop but runs well in Volts/Hz mode.

Parker 690 drive is connected to an 11 kW motor WITHOUT ANY LOAD. The drive makes the motor run smoothly in Volts/Hz mode. DC link voltage is constant at 575 V. Current drawn is also constant. But if the control mode is changed to closed loop, the drive trips (over-current fault) immediately after giving run command. When we try to auto-tune, the rotor doesn't rotate at all and after sometime drive trips with motor stalled error, whereas motor is free of any load.

We have replaced all the PCBs with new PCBs but still the problem is same.

We checked the same motor with similar other drive, and the other drive controls the motor smoothly in both Volt/hz & closed loop.

Please suggest what may be the reason behind tripping of the 1st drive in closed loop. 

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