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InteractX - How does one create a browser control that looks like the message display?

I have source data that will be getting formatting in HTML and may contain links to images (Safety placards)

Previously we've been using a messagedisplay (Object/element on the right) as it has been plain text data - plain text displays well and the control looks like it belongs in Interact. 

Due to safety considerations, we need to improve the data displayed and need to use HTML - the browser object on left can do that, but to call it ugly would be charitable.

There's no apparent way to:

  • turn off the scroll bars.
  • attach buttons on the side like on the message display.
  • use buttons with VBA pass scroll up/down instruction to the browser control.

What I'd like to do is create another object that looks like the messagedisplay, but renders HTML   

Is there a template/guide anywhere on how to do so?