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Eurotherm 605 connection failed

Hello everybody,

I have a following issue with this old variable frequency drive. All I need for my porpuse is to download the program stored in vfd. The problem is, that CeLite or DSElite cannot connect to it. In case of Celite I recieve tha following statement:

Error #6453: Serial Comms failed (slave EOTed). (unknown mnemonic)) reading PNO II

also I don't have a MMI to provide local control so everyhing depands on communication via port P3 with PC.

So do you have any suggestion how to properly download program from vfd ? The vfd looks functional, according to status LED's is in stop mode.

Thank you for any suggestion

  • There are a few possibilities that come to mind:

    • Bad serial comms equipment.  E.g. bad cable, USB-RS232 converter with unsupported chipset (i.e. not FTDI).
    • Bad port on the drive.
    • Drive not grounded.  Make sure the frame ground is properly connected.

    It might be a good idea to get a keypad hooked up so that you can see if the port is functional.  From the manual, I don't see any notes about requiring setup to make the port work.  The keypad can be ordered as part number 6901/00/G.  If you have other 6901 keypads at your facility, those should work as well.