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Parker 590+ Clone Configuration

Dear All , 

I get New Drive 590+ 70 A and I need to copy configuration from old drive 590+ 35 A 

I have read to copy configuration by upload to OP then download but it for the same sating power  

""How do I copy the configuration from one drive to another using the keypad?
1) Clone a drive configuration from one 590+ drive to another 590+drive.
NOTE: The drive firmware and the 6901 keypad (which must be FW 11v1 or newer) must both support cloning. If either firmware does not support cloning, the option to “SAVE TO OP” will not appear in the menu.
NOTE: A 690+ configuration from a firmware version 4.x drive can be installed into a version 5.x or 6.x drive.
NOTE: The drives you are cloning MUST be the same horse power/kW rating or the keypad will lose the configuration and the new drive will NOT be cloned.""

can I make it with any another way ??? 

using for example DSE lite Configuration Tool or can by using keypad

  • I usually don't recommend using the clone feature as it only works with newer drives and newer keypads -- not ideal if you are replacing a drive that has been installed for 20 years.  The better option is to use DSE Lite, freely available here.

    You will also need a programming cable, part number CM351909.  This can be purchased through your usual Parker drives sales channel.  Finally, you will need a USB-RS232 converter with an FTDI chipset.  It has been our observation over the years that FTDI chipsets are more dependable than others.

    We have an article on the Knowledge Base about extracting and installing a 590+ configuration here.

    Since you are going from a drive with a lower rating to a drive with a higher rating, you will need to follow this sequence of steps:

    1. Extract the configuration from the old drive.  Make sure to use the correct firmware template.  Save the file on your PC.
    2. Install (not Full Install) the configuration to the new drive.  It is fine if the template does not match the firmware.
    3. Create a new 590+ template with the correct firmware version for your new drive (probably 8.x).
    4. Connect to your new drive and do a Command > Extract Drive Parameters into the new template.
    5. You will need to manually set several parameters on the Configure Drive block (the ones in pink).
    6. Do a Full Install to the new drive.
    7. Perform an armature current loop autotune on the new drive.  Procedure in the manual.  Save the drive parameters.
    8. Technically, this last step is optional, but it is a good idea.  Extract drive parameters from the new drive back into your template one last time and save it to your PC.  This is now your backup copy in case the drive ever catastrophically fails.

    Hope this helps.