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590+ MAIN CURR. LIMIT Configuration

For 590+ configuration:

The QUICK START guide says the "normal" MAIN CURR. LIMIT is "Usually 100%"

The PRODUCT MANUAL Parameter Specification Tables says default "110%"

The PRODUCT MANUAL Control Connections section says "for normal operation" connect A6 to B3 and set MAIN CURR. LIMIT to 200%

The PRODUCT MANUAL Step 18 of Initial Startup Routine says "if in doubt set it to 100%"

So ... how is 100% usual and without a doubt, 110% default, and 200% normal operation? 

  • Hello Clint.  It is common for the Main Current Limit to be much higher than 100%.  100% refers to continuous current, or the current that can be supplied indefinitely without overheating the motor or the drive.  However, many applications require brief bursts of additional torque (and therefore current) to deal with transient loading conditions or ramp up to speed.  If you leave all template parameters alone and wire up the drive's control terminals the way they are shown in the documentation, you will get a 200% limit on your Positive/Negative Current Clamps and a 110% limit on your Main Current Limit.  The lowest limit is always the one that ultimately limits torque.

    The Current Loop block documentation has a diagram showing how the limits affect torque demand:

    You can see in DSE Lite where the limits enter the Current Loop block:

    The Main Current Limit is provided by a simple parameter setting whereas the Positive/Negative Current Clamps come from the analog inputs.  Note the 200% Min/Max Values for the analog inputs.