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Hi, i cant see in servomanager function "Programming Codesys" like in this video :

What should i do?

Thanks for reply.

  • From your previous post, your part number is  C3M050D6F11I32T11M00S1.

    The T11 is not programmed in CoDeSys. That would be for a T30 or T40 unit.

    The I32T11 would be configured in C3ServoManager or the multi-axis Parker Integrated Engineering Tool (PIET) and you can test from the Optimization screen.

    But you would configure the ProfiNet and run it from the Siemens PLC.

    Parker Electromechanical Europe has functions pre-written available:

    I'd recommend contacting your Parker distibutor you purchased it from or Parker Electromechanical Europe if there's any questions.

    Their email is

    They are not involved in this forum so I cannot have them respond but you can call or email them directly.

    Have a nice day.