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Problem with SPD-N + SMBA8230037142ID644

Dear all.

I am trying to solve one issue on furniture production line. There is one aggregate with SMBA drive and SPD-N servopack. They had some problem which resulted in replacing both servodrive and servopack and everything was working properly after this intervention. After some time a different problem occured - the servodrive did not respond correctly to the commands and and went from one limit switch to another and also the PLC does not know the possition of this axis. They tried to replace the servopack but this did not help. They told me that before the display had message "run" but now it has ". .r.u.n"

I tried to find in manual what this could mean, but I did not find anything, also Google did not help. I believe, that now I should check 4 possibilities:

1) wiring resolver - servopack - plc

2) resolver itself

3) servopack

4) PLC

Since the problem now remains the same with new servopack and even with old servopack (they sent it for a repair) I believe that servopack should be OK. I will check the continuity of wiring with resistance meter, but is there some procedure to check if the resolver works? Some service mode on the servopack, where i could see that the servopack gets impulses from resolver when i try to spin it? What does this ". .r.u.n" means? Is it ok?

Thank you for any help.

Have a good day.

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