Posted by Hydraulics Team on 3 Sep 2021

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 This article will teach you to how to change the transmission fluid (HT-1000) in the Parker HTE and HTJ hydrostatic transmissions on your mower. The HT-1000 Service Kit includes all the replacement parts needed for a smooth fluid change.

The transmission fluid in a mower should be changed at regular intervals to maintain the life of the mower. Parker’s HT-1000 only needs to be changed once every 1000 hours, as opposed to as early as 500 hours with other brands. Parker’s Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid HT-1000™ is a synthetic transmission oil engineered to provide maximum durability and long life for heavy-duty hydrostatic drive systems.


Meet the quick and simple oil change

Parker’s transmissions are designed to make oil changes very quick and simple, and the new Service Kit makes the process even easier by providing all the necessary oil change components. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Each transmission includes a low-speed, high torque motor (Torqmotor) integrated with a hydraulic pump to provide an all-in-one transmission package. The transmissions are ideal for zero-turn mowers, golf course maintenance equipment, and light-duty utility vehicles. 

Each HTE/HTJ Service Kit includes:

  • (1) gallon of HT-1000,
  • (2) replacement filters, and
  • (4) magnetic plugs.


Watch how to change your oil:


How to change your HT-1000 fluid using a Hydrostatic Transmission Service Kit - step by step:

1) Remove Filter Cap


2) Twist off Breather Cap / Dipstick


3) Remove Magnetic Plugs


 4) Remove Filter Plug and Allow Oil to Drain


5) Install New Magnetic Plugs


6)  Install New Filter


7) Re-install Filter Plug


8) Lower Mower and Raise Seat


9) Locate Tank and Insert Funnel


10) Add HT-1000 to Tank


11) Replace Breather Cap / Dipstick


12) Raise Mower and Place on Supports


13) Engage Wheels in Both Directions

That's it! After completing these simple steps, you will have successfully changed your HT-1000 transmission fluid.


Our Pump & Motor Division (PMD) is a market leader in gear pump and low speed-high torque gerotor motors. PMD continues to blaze a trail by developing new technologies while maintaining a high level of service synonymous with Parker. Between the two divisions in North Carolina and Tennessee, the PMD team members have decades of industry experience to better serve you and your application.


CT Lefler, marketing product manager, Pump and Motor DivisionArticle contributed by CT Lefler, marketing product manager, Pump, and Motor Division.






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