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MD4-5 connection

Hi everyone, 

My teamates and me are having problems connecting our MD4 module to the computer to upload a program into it.

the IQAN program recognize the port ethernet connection but fail to upload anything 

We have a M12 to RJ-45 câble connect between the module and computer

As for the Module itself, we have the can1-1 and 1-12 for power with good voltage setting,

can1-6 1-7 for the adress

can2-12 for the RTC connect with a resistor as needed

I don't know it the screen suppose to show a default screen when powered but the screen stays black.

Is there anything we are missing. We don't even have a clue right now to solve this.

Thanks in advance.

  • Based upon your statement that the screen stays black, my first guess is the unit was not powered correctly (polarity).

    Per installation instructions the C1:12 connection is +Bat and C1:1 connection is -Bat.  The unit is reverse polarity protected for 36V with a 20A fuse but recommended for a 3 to 5A fuse.

    If the unit is powered correctly, there should also be a splash screen that shows the Parker logo for a second or two upon power up.  Have you noticed this screen at power up?  If not, the unit is probably bad.

    (Note: If using a power supply, not a battery, and polarity is correct, is your current turned up high enough to run the module?)