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I have a question about  the 3 ways, manual ball valves  BVMM083SS1NA, What happens if we put pressure on port 2, port 1 to the cylinder and port 3 to the tank?
can this work?

  • First, I would like to preface my answer by saying that I would need to know your complete machine schematic to help you with your question about whether this will work or not.  For instance, does your system have a safety relief, are the components sized and selected properly for the flow function you require, etc.  I can help you with the way the BVMM**3***** works.

    I believe the symbol for the valve part number you listed above is this:

    Single acting cylinder on port 1,

    Pressure on port 2,

    Tank on port 3,

    That would be the proper way to connect this valve to actuate a single acting cylinder.  Note that you could also swap the pressure and the tank ports, but the single acting cylinder would have to be plumbed to port 1.