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Automotive hydraulic brakes

regarding brake lines automotive. My understanding of hydraulics and how brakes work is that when you release the pedal it stops applying pressure to the brakes thru the hydraulic line, but it does NOT suck fluid back.

so as I see it closing the bleeder valve between each pedal push is not needed. If it did pull back in a tiny bit, that would be expelled during the next pedal push, right?

Also, most, although maybe not all, the bleeder valves ive seen point up or sideways, never down.

Just to be 100% over safe, I press fit a bleeder hose and let it travel up, before going over the suspension then facing. So, there will always be fluid in this hose after the 1st pedal pump, so if it did pull a bit back (which I dont think it does) it would pull in fluid, not air. Then, I bleed each line like this and when I decide to stop, I just tighten the bleeder valve. No assistant needed.

Lately you do see a lot of videos where ppl have finally realized that you can bleed brakes with one person, but they have you put the end of the hose into a bottle filled with fluid. This makes no sense to me.

My understanding of ABS brakes, is that bleeding is the same method, just be extra careful not to let air into the system.

Ive read several different reasons why when you bleed, you start with the furthest away wheel. Is this really important?

Your thoughts to all my points?

Tks, p

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