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sds product information sheet in polish

Dear Sir/Madam,

One of our customer  bought air-oil booster PBH360FD2. The product was delivered with oil Cosmo Mighty Super 10 (Cosmo Oil). This oil is classified as dangerous and our customer asks for SDS in polish language.

Parker technical support in Poland  sent  us SDS only in english ( no option for polish language)

According to Article 31 REACH:

"5.  The safety data sheet shall be supplied in an official language of the Member State(s) where the substance or ►M3  mixture ◄ is placed on the market, unless the Member State(s) concerned provide otherwise."

Waiting for suggestions - who could organize such document from parker side

Kind regards

Marek Lach

Doradca Techniczny

Oddział Wrocław   

tel. +48 735271355