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Suction filter element to reuse or replace?

back ground in ball bearing industry, large liquid solid filtration systems operator and mechanic for 28yrs, 

if impaction and blind-off occurs then you wont get the full entire area (sq in) of the stainless screen back to as new in box. therefore you would decrease maintenance intervals, increasing time spent, risk mitigation of pump cavitation (depending on operating conditions and environment) 

within the auto industry "customers" are scrutinizing maintenance practices they stipulate compliance with the manufacture of machines OM&I, however they are not the experts only at building/designing the machine, the filter element manufacturer should be consulted. Some say reuse , other languages say replace.

In my opinion, go above and beyond if budget allows, buy the new in box filter, swap out to reduce time spend cleaning management likes little down time for maintenance, and if the old one cannot be returned to like new condition due to heavy impaction and or dirt (think time spent walking to parts washer + cleaning at 15 minutes + walking back to press ), then you have the backup which is new in the box and now in the machine.

Secondly, physically clean the reservoir tank and get rid of the dirt loading prematurely. I don't have time to return back to the press if there is an issue.

Whats your thoughts on this simple practice