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OSPB 315 0N

Hey guys and ladies. Having trouble with our steering system on our crane. I can turn the wheels about 10 degrees each way on one of our cranes but then the sterling goes stiff to where no amount of force can turn them anymore. i know there not siezed as when it’s on its legs with the wheels of the floor they turn really easy with one finger. The steering orbital valve makes a loud squeal when trying to turn solid and sometimes makes a whining sound even when not turning and hands of wheel. I have tried turning the wheel back and forth where it is easy and flicked a switch to send power to the outriggers and the steering locks up solid so I know the priority valve is working and I can jack the crane off the floor using the same hydraulic pump so know I have pressure from there. Any suggestions please. Is there anything I can check on the orbital steering valve. Thanks.